Retail Security in Fort Myers, FL

Unfortunately, commercial facilities are the subject of break-ins, vandalism and other malicious activities regularly. If you operate a storefront or office space and need retail security in Fort Myers, FL, AIM Security Group LLC will help you keep the potential for wrongdoing low. With our facility security patrol service professionals on-site, you’ll always have a presence to deter bad activities and the problems that come with them.

We’re pleased to offer our retail security patrol services to clients of all types and facilities spanning a diverse array of needs. Our experience includes guard duty and patrols for hotels, retail spaces, marinas and much more.

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  • Overnight Security

    Thieves and trespassers use the cover of night to help them accomplish their crimes. If you’re worried your facility will become a target for break-in or vandalism overnight, hire us for security. We can station guards in strategic areas to make sure any wrongdoers are deterred or coordinate patrols to make sure your entire building is safe and secure.

  • Alarm Services

    Have you been notified that your building’s alarm has been tripped? Make sure we get the call first. For all alarm services in Fort Myers, FL we respond rapidly and make sure to thoroughly check your facilities for any sign of break-in or damage. We’ll assess the situation and provide you with a fully detailed report about the incident, so you’re apprised of whatever happened.

  • Parking Lot Patrolling

    Your facilities extend far beyond just the building itself. If illicit activities are happening in your parking lot, it could pave the way for bigger problems. Let us coordinate parking lot patrols to make sure your lot is free of any wrongdoers and safe for your customers or employees to park in and walk through.

Security for Hire

Have a job that falls outside of the normal scope of facility security patrol services? No problem! Consult with us and give our team the details—we’ll make sure we understand the expectations and can formulate a well-rounded approach to security that gives you peace of mind.

Contact AIM Security Group LLC today by calling 239-910-5029 and let us provide you with a consultation for retail, private, or disaster security. We’re dedicated to finding the security solutions that keep you, your property and your people safe at all times.

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