Private & Event Security Services in Fort Myers, FL

Hiring professional, private security guard service in Fort Myers, FL is one of the best investments you can make to protect yourself and your property from wrongdoers. When you choose AIM Security Group LLC for security services, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes backed by ex-military and retired police, as well as security experts with more than 50 years of combined experience.

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  • Neighborhood Patrols

    One of our core private security services involves neighborhood patrolling for gated communities. We’ll make sure your subdivision is well-protected and consistently surveyed, making it undesirable for burglars, predators, vandals or other wrongdoers.

    Whether you want hourly patrols throughout the streets of your neighborhood or would prefer guards posted at strategic check points, we’re happy to comply. They’ll keep a close eye on all activity and make sure nothing slips under the radar. Our neighborhood security services include all of the following:

    • Alarm response and check-ins
    • Gated community access
    • Neighborhood watch patrols

Event Security Guard Service

Event Security ServicesFrom local community festivals to pop-up events put on by local businesses, AIM Security Group LLC is the number one name in event security services in Fort Myers, FL. We’re able to staff security for most local events of small-to-moderate sizes, regardless of the nature of the show or the size of the crowd.

For event security we can perform all major duties expected to keep your event attendees safe, including patrols, incident response, pat-downs, stage security and much more. Whether you need mobile patrolmen, guards or a combination of both, expect us to get the job done with extreme professionalism.

From the streets of your neighborhood to the main stage at your next event, AIM Security Group LLC provides the reputable, reliable security needed to keep everyone safe and sound. Contact us today at 239-910-5029 to hire our experts in private, facility, and disaster security.

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