Fire Watch Services & Disaster Security in Fort Myers, FL

You’re not always on-site working, which means you need someone else to keep an eye out for trouble when the work day is over and you go home. If your construction site or facilities aren’t equipped with the failsafe to protect themselves against fire or other threats, hire AIM Security Group LLC to make sure no problems creep up unexpectedly.

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Overnight Fire Watch

Fire Watch ServicesIn-progress buildings or those undergoing renovations may not have fire alarms or other types of protective measures in place yet. To ensure fire doesn’t ravage your facilities overnight when no one is there to stop it, hire our team for fire watch service in Fort Myers, FL.

We’ll stand by all night to make sure your facilities are safe and sound, consistently checking to make sure nothing is at risk of combustion or fire. And, in the event a fire does break out, our team will handle things quickly. We’ll call the fire department and make sure any on-site personnel or assets are safe.

Don’t let circumstances get the best of you and ruin your building. Instead, contract us for overnight fire watch services and sleep with total peace of mind.

Disaster Security

Disaster SecurityFlorida is no stranger to disaster! If a hurricane rolls through and causes damage to your building, you want to make sure it’s secured against vandals and looters. Give us a call right after you’ve assessed the damage. We’ll stand guard over your compromised facilities while you figure out insurance claims and repairs. No one will take advantage of you in a time of crisis with our team on-site!

For overnight fire watch services or disaster security, AIM Security Group LLC offers a simple solution to major headaches. Get in touch with us to make sure your facilities are protected around the clock. Call us at 239-910-5029 for more information on our disaster, facility, or private security or to consult with us about the level of security you need to keep your building under safe watch.

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